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Songwriter S. Lecole

Gods Everywhere
Words & Music by S. Lecole

God's Everywhere God's Anywhere

I was thinking 'bout the way I feel
knowing what I know is real
and you...

I was hoping as the years unwind
I could heal the wounds
and find some time with you

Some they say they don't believe
and  that's ok, no apology
Only those who hear this sound
will choose to find what's all around
and see...

That  God's Everywhere if God's Anywhere

I don't know if I'm doing it right
but I'll keep the faith
and I'll shine the light on you

I'm reaching out I've been reaching in
I'm holding on as I near the end with you

A times I feel I'm walking alone
even more I feel I'm far from home
but something deep inside it's real
it comforts me and keeps me still with you

Cause God's Everywhere if God's Anywhere

Yes God's Everywhere...


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